Ocean Energy of November 2010

video release date 12-10-2010 ~ 10:10 AM

Pandora's Good Box: Trapped Ocean Energy! = Gravity Wheel

900+ Earth Atmospheres Raw Energy @ 30,000 feet = 8 tons p.s.i.

Ocean Energy from deep ocean water pressure? Yep.

Fishing for Energy! Deep Ocean water: a

semi-solid down there; up here a HORSE-POWER EXPLOSION.

225 MPG Car Engine? Yes sir & Yes Ma'am, 225 and More!: sshhh it powers tractor-trailer rigs too.

225 mpg car engine based on Ezekiel 1 verse 16's ''Wheel within a Wheel 4-cylinder engine conversion to 1/2 Gasoline + Steam Engine!

Hammer Cam Gravity Wheel prototype, released 8|30|20|10:

Gravity Wheel early design animated gif of 2010. Gravity wheel toys page => http://www.justgravity.com click this picture for starter page. A ''gravity wheel'' is a circular+engine+for+generating+residential+electricity a per+home+point-of-service+for+Third+World+countries to escape+poverty and have+potable+drinking+water. Like solar it is natural+energy+negative+carbon+footprint but produces a+generous+24+hours+a+day+power+generation+for+all+Earth's+peoples+at+home.

This picture & prototype of 8/30/2010 was actually envisioned by Woodrow Riley in 2009, an inventor who chose to dedicate himself to solving gravity wheels for 18 straight months from February 2009 thru August 30 2010. One of Jehovah's Witnesses in America since 1969, one hundred years post-Charles Taze Russell ''finding religion'' again, his zeal for the Bible re-ignited by a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher in 1869. Riley is part-Hopi Indian and invents zero emission car engines and other negative-carbon footprint engine systems, by the Grace of Almighty God. His inspired engines satisfy the Hopi prophecy for ''not harming the water''. Being used by God is a big responsibility so Riley began to calling himself => ''The CloudSeeder, Bringin' the Spring rain'' per Proverbs 16:15 in the beginning of his 2009-2010 Biblically-ordained endeavor.

Fishing Industry of all nations can now fish for Ocean Energy and also bring compressed water to drought-stricken areas of the world. 8 tons psi of 7 oceans is now the seafood-oyster fishing industry big money haul for every fisherman on Earth. Florida California Gulf states LA MS Texas-TX AL, Ireland New Zealand Australia Great Britain England China India and all points between might even slow sea-level rise from global climate change yep. Third World can now have electricty from ocean energy mining.

What's a "State Change" got to do with anything?

Deep ocean water is a semi-solid?

Ocean Energy = 8 tons per square inch compressed and canister-entrapped deep ocean water is actually a semi-solid, so when this good Pandora's Box stuffed with Solid Plasma Energy is released to spin an electrical generator the energy harnessed is very POWERFUL, a State Change Energy unleashed, plus lots of drinking water for water poor Third World nations, deserts and arid drought lands, and islands of the world.

But which Messiah will give you inexhaustible

Ocean Energy hmm? Messiah Obama or Messiah Jesus?

American Doctors + 1984 = Wipe out religions they do not like [Jehovah's Witnesses] a willing and well-paid arm of the State. After 21 years purposely refused proper medical care Woodrow Riley delves into the dark regions of American Medical Care turned against people of his Bible Faith; this link.  See posts on SignOnSandiego blog under Username: 'Imitation Energy'.

Ivy League Colleges: StudentMurdersDeathsKillSuicidesReport:

The Nation's schools were claimed Property of Satan from Day One.

Religious Symbols Embedded in School Foundations Draws Demonics.

Universities: "Steeped in Tradition" also being Steeped in Demon Stew.

Students are under Satan's influence at these "Schools of Higher Learning".

Mass Murders at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Va: strongly advise DoSomethingElse.

Make the Truth your own => New Math: 666 recalculated 9/18/11

Cancer is solved and has been since 2006.

Riley, a JW, had no medical degrees:

3 Ways to kill cancers in under one week? Yes, but there is also the 4th way also found in the www.newpath4.com accompanying text = FOUR WAYS TO STOP A CANCER. Woodrow Riley aka The CloudSeeder: Proverbs 16 verse 15 => pouring Life on a sick planet.



Bible-Based Ezekiel Engine Author Banned

Satan Shows Cards, Intentions now Clear ~ 6.12.2012:

Electronic libraries = Electronic Bibles = One Button Press: all Bibles disappear?

Objectionable religious works disappear soon? Jesus will not allow it.


HEALTH VACCINE sought for Ages Found as of August 2012!

Dementia, Smashed, Alzheimer's, last seen running from the boxing ring!

Six Month Supply only $30.00 => Coconut & Olive Oils spiked with Tea Tree Oil.

Fibromyalgia, Heart Circulatory Disease Sharp Pains in Ribs all GONE!

Brain Vessel plaque buildup dissolves away in SECONDS ~ Cheap!


37 Year Periods, three of em, this picture has them and you need to know them. Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses, find one soon. Time is running short. March 20 2012 JW's have Bible Truth and No One Else.



















































































































































then there
was the 2011
special earthquake
in Mineral Virginia on
8232011 a venomous snake!
click picture for 69-day countdown:

69-Day Countdown:Stargate~Stardate:Synchronicity 69 Days to 11.26.11 began 9.18.2011:2369 antichristfacingsatan69daysabbath112611countdown2november262011sg9 updated on Feb. 12 2012, and no, this is not a prank or joke this is real-time reality => Jesus is on the way!

I place your False Cross teaching as a CrownofThorns over Christendom:Preachers:talking:heads. Catholics:Protestants:Jews as of 3162012 you have been coronated to your Father:Satan.the.Devil whose nutjob ''oh thass a Mystery'' Bible teachings of your so-called ''mainstream churches'' have Enslaved:Mankind almost 2,000:years. Down you go U poor theological:idiots a chapter in World History soon to be erased, kaput; kapiche? LOOK! Your coronation comes!

Crowned with Bible Truth!

Churches denied it <> JW's given it!

Time for Christendom to wear the thorns!

Surprise Twist to the "69-Day Countdown": nested inside a larger Countdown!



1989: STAR PROPHET :2012

23 Years

The Day Crude Oil died twice: 8/11/11 at 8:11pm

1. Combustion Engines = Friction 2. Friction = Heat 3. Heat = Steam

4. Steam = Ezekiel Engine SACKS NUCLEAR & Gasoline!!!

Flying Car Magnetic Repulsion Drive for Interstellar Space Travel

RoanokeVa Special Stem Cell Download + Life Burst Diet

Malignant Cancer GMO~Bulldozer Capital of the World

Slipstream ~ cancer solution ~ click it
newpath4 tackles the hard subjects:
Melchizedek is near, the qmdek

11:33 AM 10-12-20-10

truthful 9-11 answers

1. Energy
2. Health!
2.b: Tonic
3. Cancer
4. Govm't
5. Freed*
6. Voodoo Witch Doctor Magic Religions
7. Ezekiel Engine Steam Basics

Message from the Tarantula Nebula?


Brief interruption of 8-30-20-10
The Scorpion Gravity Wheel prototype
Upside Down Pendulum Wheel of 10-20-20-10

roll mouse over picture please

Scorpion Gravity Wheel with ''Upside Down Pendulum'' wheel as rollover image! For spinning an electrical generator o provide Home-based Electricity Source from Gravity~Flow-Energy. 10-10-2010 the march continues til Dawn in the earthy paradise. Jehovah in His Love provided humanity with all the fireplace power we ever needed => no Crude Oil was ever required. p.s. => see solutions to cancer bottom of this index page!

Energy is Everywhere Oceans and Oceans of it see pic on rt

Nikolai Tesla and Floyd Sweet each discovered invisible energy in the air. Our eyes cannot see this energy so we think the air is "just air". We freely wave our hands & arms through it and our eyes see through it so it is easy for certain capitalist-industrialist types to make jokes about "free energy", and since no one can see it it's an easy sell that Tesla and Mr. Sweet were crackpots, dreamers who went crazy in their later years. Cosmic radiation is the energy they discovered, that our planet -and all planetary bodies- attract that energy. In Outer Space it is widely dispersed but at the planet's level it has concentrated down & is very thick pillowy enough to give us a life. Still not visible to our eyes there is so much of it its combined Mass gently presses us down, stabilizing our sideways motion, and we incorrectly call it gravity as if gravity alone is holding us stable at 1,000 miles per hour?

You cannot feel it because we were all born into it. Cosmic Energy obeys the same Law as lightning and electric current => they are all attracted to the ground! Mr. Tesla invented equipment that attracted that energy more than the ground, same as did Floyd Sweet in 1987. They made an Energy "Honey Pot" much the way the antivirus companies make a computer honeypot to attract pc viruses so they can study and decipher them.

I dislike the phrase "free energy" because it lends itself so easily to laughter since we are all taught as children "there's nothing comes for free", there's no free ride, no free lunch and so on. We are reared to deny free energy from the Cosmos, engines that run on water pressure or air or a combination of steam+air as my car engine would do for you once built. Synergistic (complimentary) laws of Physics yields "Physics Fuel" aka Imitation Energy.

These energies are all much more powerful than combustion energy but they inspire people toward belief in a God already having provided it ready-made or having made them possible. So we pay a monthly light bill or we do without, as many of the world's poorest people do now. We suffer the pollution by-products so we can not feel dependent on God's clean energy sources so bountifully provided? Looks like it. We are enslaved so we can enjoy freedom... "Energy Freedom" being the latest catch phrase to rally the troops.

Poor Health is Everywhere

The magnetic wave thrown off a violently-writhing house current reaches out from wall wiring and electrical outlets -also invisibly- and punches anyone who gets too close, punches their cells. Ergo an energy corruption causing cell deformation that causes good cells to turn cancerous. A housewife or someone else in the family preparing a meal will rest their pelvis up against the kitchen divider where a powerful wave is coming into their pelvic and for a woman, near her uterus and other female internal organs, so women get more cancer there. Soft tissue has more blood & nutrients = increased cancer when aggravated.

Why the kitchen divider? The dishwasher is always plugged in and its powerful motor is having a constant stream of electricity flowing to keep the motor warmed & ready, just as many home electrical devices do. In the home we take a bath in invisible energy. I myself have had multiple cancers since becoming disabled in 1989 (more time in the house)... Why do so many families fuss and scream at each other? AC current in the air enters through the eyes and agitates the psyche. I began writing voluminous amounts of information onto the Internet in 2003 and did so without letup til 2010. Some of my computer monitors were very old so I received much energy through my face, so much so that now today I can almost feel AC radiation when it is near to me. It contributes to people's angst and tempers will flare more easily, but put those same people in an RV that uses DC current and they have a wonderful time.

Sugar and caffeine are a crutch we turn to for body energy but the two-edged sword is that in using these shortcuts our cells get lazy and lose their ability to harvest bodyfat for energy as they should. This leads to a corruption of our cells and everybody is obese all of a sudden. Our ignorance of these invisible matters steals away our lives and our money. We become "the Poor" and fat and overweight men & women with large guts who can no longer run in the yard as we did when children. Our children raise themselves and yes, they are also ignorant and they also become sugar-dependent & caffeine-craving slaves. Just looking at a sweets commercial on TV triggers the release of brain chemicals that tell our body Make More Fat Pleez.

More about Cancer, Home Chemo & the 80 year old smoker!

I had several uncles and their friends who lived to a "ripe old age" and they would brag how many years they had smoked cigarettes and "never had cancer". Well, that's a lie. They did have cancer. By keeping their bodyweight very low, the cancers they had were being half starved to death soon as the cancer started. They trained their body to consume cancer cells as supremely-high protein food. Addiction to tobacco products is an addiction to cannibalistic inner power. Cancer cells are toast in such a person. Smoking cigarettes causes temporary oxygen and nutrient deprivation to body cells but soon as the cigarette has burned up => a glut of nutrients and oxygen is then able to flood the cells. Nutrient flooding was a big part of how I beat an awesome cancer in 2006 please see this link => picture made 13 months before www.prleap.com/pr/91843 on 8/31/2007 (a public post photocopy how Woodrow Riley made nutrition+stem+cell+healing+history: record from July 12, 2006) shown here =>

How I beat an awesome cancer in 2006 please see this link a picture made 13 months before News Release www._prleap_.com_/pr_/91843 of 08/31/2007 (a public post photocopy how Woodrow Riley made nutrition+stem+cell+healing+history: record from July 12, 2006.

Cancer cells (malignancies) grow very fast so hunger is a key to their death. Cancer cells require more food, more water, more oxygen; and since their metabolic rate of growth is so fantasticly high if we raise our body temperature high enough the cancerous cell burns up. So there you have it. Go on a food Fast, stop drinking liquids for a period of time 3 to 6 hours a day, lower your rate of breathing, or consume so many nutrition products like Oxy-Nectar and A THRU Z vitamin-mineral pills take your pick but cancer can be stopped, cancer and inflammatory diseases can be cured on a daily basis, I know because I have done in 5 or 6 cancers already myself. You have to get mad and mean and you also have to be filled with Faith in what you are doing. Without Faith you won't rule.

Chemotherapy dries people out and they lose their appetite eh?

My methods are Home Chemo w/out doctors.

My method kills cancer fast.

Half of my upper body began to collapse one day back in 2006, the right half from the middle sternum over. That night it spread to include my right arm. I knew I was becoming half cadaver and it was doing so extremely fast I lacked the time a doctor would take to believe me, refer me, that doctor believe me then put me in line to be treated. Time was fleeing away from me so I did not have time to go walking a retarded treadmill. I attacked. I stopped that cancer in 4 weeks but stopping the cancer stil left me half of my chest dead and rotting. I had to rebuild what of me had died. Could nutrition do that? Could faith do that?

At the end of 4 weeks neither fully winning or fully losing I felt one day that the cancer was going to be resolved on that day, a Saturday actually, so I sat down and waited, not knowing what for. So then a "stirring" began inside my healthy left side. What was that I thought? A few minutes later the stirring feeling came again but stronger. So I said welcome to the party whatever you are and relaxed down. What happened then was amazing. The stirring formed into a sort of ball and went passing through my chest over into the half-dead right side!

I was fighting cancer with nutrition, thinking the nutrition was delivering to the cancer cells "an internal acid burn" death, which it had done, but that didn't give me replacement cells! While I was fighting the cancer for 4 weeks of manual, hand-to-hand combat, my body so wonderfully made was making new stem cells; but here is where the real miracle comes in too => the new stem cells would have been immediately killed had they gone over into the sick right side one at a time, right? So they acted with great intelligence forming into a mass of new stem cells -in a 4 week long holding pattern- in the left healthy side, and not until I sat down and gave them their chance did they take it => the healthy stem cells pouring over into the dying side en masse as if ordered to do so just that way.

Friends, I didn't do that. I didn't plan it.

I didn't even know it could happen. It just did.

How many have followed my advice? Probably no one.

They lack faith.


The Invisible Government of God will be visible soon.

With our eyes there is much we cannot see, whether cosmic energy [we could have been using many decades ago] or magnetic energy fields [in our own home causing us cancer of the prostate]. At the present time we cannot see Christ Jesus ruling in the heavens as at this time God's Kingdom is invisible also. When the time comes, soon, it will become visible. It brings blessings just as the angel told Mary, the surrogate in the royal line used to birth Jesus from his heavenly life and home. It was righteous for her to do so because Eve had been deceived, but no Adam was involved this time as his physical seed had been corrupted by partaking of a sinful act. Adam gave us death <> you want life. This link will supply the "water" you want more of Watchtower.org.

.The deeper the well gets the more WE KNOW SOMEONE DUG THE WELL. Men of Science have proven God exists. Wells don't dig themselves. Visit a Kingdom Hall soon friends because Jesus was coronated in 1914, God's Kingdom is on the move. Catholicism created Adolph Hitler when Benedictine priests sexually assaulted young Hitler. The Benedictines (Pope BENEDICT connection?) has Swastikas all over the school walls and entry gate so Hitler formulated a plan to destroy a religion filled with boy lovers!: attacking the Jews would draw Catholics into a worldwide conflagration war. Hitler devised a plan to eradicate false religion from the face of the Earth Hitler was doing God's Will (Rev. 18 vs 4). The next Hitler is not one man but a ''composite man'' only Jesus can stop => come soon my Christ!

The path to Freedom becomes brighter each day:
Bible: Proverbs 4 vs 18

Free Men 1
Free Men 2
Free Men 3
Free Men 4

After reading Woodrow comments up to & on pg 4 you will be
armed for bear and freed of not knowing
what's coming at you


While on the subject of the satanic... Peters Creek Apartments continues to cover for Appalachian Power Company's pumping of excessive voltage into apartment electrical boxes => 251 volts. This continues to cause the unaware apt. renters who move in here to have grease fires on their stoves. I took time one day to go visit a Roanoke attorney about this situation and his reply ~and admission~ was he is a castrated broken impotent man unable to change a thing (unwilling i.e. not any Mercedes money in it for him to bother). New renters who come to live here on Peters Creek Road do not understand how the over-the-top voltage (pressure) causes stove elements to go into a super-heated ballistic that could easily be stopped. The unsuspecting and unknowledgeable young people and couples who move here expecting their house voltage to not be a death trap waiting to happen are still having stove fires.

Management and owners of P.C.A. + APCO show themselves to be disciples of Satan each day since I discovered this in early 2008, informed their cabal and they laughed in my face each and every one of them because they saw my powerlessness before them to stop their chariot ride to the banks over resident's charred bodies. Laughing over my lost monies now in their pockets? Yep. Laughter over my son nearly being horrifically burned? Yep. Laughter that they held all the cards and us two none? You bet'cha, all the way to their office tables.

Aside from being a life-threatening condition allowed to fester by "responsible parties" there's also the additional issue of excessive electrical field radiation leaking from wall sockets into the moistness of air to reach the ground that is bathing residents in a cancer-causing field strength magnetic-electrical of alternating current (AC). Obviously these people do not care and cannot be further bothered so we all just sit here crossing our fingers some young child doesn't get the flesh burned from their arms or face... in the meantime, all this 251-volt above-limits pressure is running everybody's electric bill to a nice tidy back-patting sum $1,760,000,000.00 annual profit during a recession. Unshielded wall wiring leaks power into the air, drawn towards any metal ground and even into the socket's own ground wire! These are small amounts called "trickle current" that ordinarily would be low but with extra 21+ volts adds to the electric bill quite a lot especially annually. I find in all these issues a disrespect for people's person, people's family members esp. children, and basically a contempt and a hatred from those who have position toward all others who lack position.

Atrocities against human beings didn't stop with Adolph Hitler.

The reign|rain of hate from them will soon be past.

We cannot stop them <> Jesus will.

Paradise is in the pipeline.

They aren't.


Four years ago

cancer was broken to its knees

enter the Slipstream

do-it-yourself Cancer Freedom

A young depressed lady wrote => "My aunt died of cancer 4 years ago, and this was her favorite song. Every year on the day she died i play this song and sing it to show her that i will never forget her and the love she gave to me. This also happens to be my mothers and my favorite song and i thank god that she was in my life and that she is now in a place where she isn't in pain everyday, that was like hell for me, to sit there and watch her suffer while i couldn't do anything to help her."

I came across this heart-rending and heart-breaking story on the Internet a few days ago. Using all small i's told me how dirt poor awful inside this girl felt so I was moved to begin revealing my cancer knowledge to her. How many millions of people have had this same gut-wrenching experience watching helplessly as their beloved relative falls silent from cancer? In the following pgh are my combined series of responses telling the young heartbroken lady in Ireland how easily the result could have gone a better direction and her treasured relative ~her dear deceased aunt~ would still be with her today. Her aunt died 4 years ago in 2006, the same year I solved and stopped an awesome cancer using nutrition flooding-generated increased stem cell growth rate (read picture above).

My heart goes out to you for your loss my friend. It is indeed a sadness for me because I have beat a number of cancers, one that was awesome in its attack. There are people who know the tricks I use, and the knowledge could be had by all but for them hoarding it. There are cancer patients the world over beating even Stage IV cancers in Europe and it is slowly reaching southern California, but American doctors are fighting it tooth and nail with every lawyer dollar they have. U.S "practicing" MD's fought acupuncture and also chiropractry some 4 decades ago. After a bad set of hard blows hit me in one accident (1989) doctors here showed how incompetent and uncaring they could be. I knew their not treating me was going to result in heart disease and so on, plus I had already had Lyme's spirocheate bacteria that hit me hard in 2006, real real hard. I had to figure out how to stop disease or I was finished [so I thought, anyway]. Last year I was very blessed in September 2009 to put together link: a nutrition-stuffed health formula that kills viruses, bacterial critters and bloodborne parasites. I regret not having been there to help your aunt. My purpose also in discovering the health formula was I wanted to prove people could be extra super healthy, disease-killing juggernauts if they just had the right combination of foods because we won't have doctors on the other side of Armageddon in the paradise-restored Earth. I achieved my goal. When the Resurrection begins, your aunt will open her eyes. I hope you will be there. Jehovah is the true God. Since she was your aunt, you might have a tendency to one day have the cancer that took her so I'll give you the short version how to stop cancers. Cancer cells grow FAST so that is their WEAKNESS. They're super hungry and will eat everything coming through the bloodstream, so what you do (one way) is flood your body with super nutrition. The cancer cells will sop up so much of it they gorge and gluttony themselves to death from an "internal acid burn" from the berries and antioxidants. They burn up. I took extra over and above normal recommended "Daily Allowances". I was putting down a product called Oxy-Nectar 2 & 3 times a day along with 4-5 Ibuprofens. I also took a multi-vitamin-mineral called A THRU Z, also more than normal dosage. The Ibuprofens relaxed the cancer cell outer membrane walls so that they soaked up the excess like sponges. Then took also 3 or 4 Hyaluronic Acid capsules. They help the joints. I was making so-so progress after 2 weeks but with Hyaluronic the battle was mine. About week #3 under my armpits began aching so bad I could hardly stand it so I backed off the extra A THRU Z's for a few days, but soon as the aching let up I was back at it. It was a battle like nothing I had ever done before. At the end of 4 weeks my sense of time was so distorted I thought 7 weeks had passed but not the calendar. Just 4. In my right side all the cells one day had collapsed, as if my entire rt side was suddenly dying. The left side was unaffected, so what I did not know was that all the nutrition was not just fighting the malignant cancer cells => it was super-nutritioning the healthy left side. So I decided to sit down on the couch and wait. I had a feeling that that day in September 2006 I was going to know was I going to live or die. After a few minutes a sort of "stirring" began in my left chest above the heart. The stirring got a bit stronger when suddenly it wound up together and then they passed over across through my chest all at one time. I was healed by all brand new stem cells. That was the day my old 53 year old body, after a lifetime of zerothyroid-caused accidents (mental fog, the thyroid inherited from the wrong parent aka an incompatible organ actively poisoning me for life), reminded itself how to make new stem cells as if I was a fast-healing child of 3, 4 or 5 years old. Cancer cells have other weaknesses too. They need more water and more oxygen, so drink like you're lost in a desert and don't breathe much => they will die while your healthy cells will weather the storm. Trust and Faith, and grit your teeth. There's one other way. Cancer cells have an extra-high metabolic rate so I have heard of some clinics over in northern Europe where they stop cancers by using heated baths plus nutrition flooding therapy. They say if the body temperature is raised up around fever pitch or so the cancer cells all through the body will be burned up. hehehe My name is Woodrow Riley. We came from Ireland long time ago. Mom was one-half Hopi so I call myself The CloudSeeder, Bringin' the Spring rain => see Proverbs 16 verse 15. Glad to help. The reason I specified "A THRU Z" multi-vit-mins is because #1 it worked, so later on I looked at the ingredients and found out why it worked so great => it contains three Oxides, copper, magnesium and zinc. I knew Zinc Oxide from decades ago getting it from a well-respected Prevention magazine. Zinc Oxide is critically important for inner ear health and prostate health, helps to fight off infections. Of course taking too much of them was rather toxic (Home Chemo?). The health formula I finally was very much blessed to figure out last year (pre-October 2009) has Oxy-Nectar and also three natural oils => Olive, Wheat Germ and Coconut. Olive Oil, come to find out has a special protein that our body converts into Hyaluronic Acid, so that saves some money there. Wheat Germ oil is also dynamite for stopping arthritis and fibromyalgia; the bloodstream carries them both out into the joints. Coconut Oil is a natural anti-microbial. All 3 oils have CLA that builds muscle. A little Creatine Monohydrate powder helps those oils and their Conjugated Linoleic Acid build muscle and trim the waistline of fat. Then there's Yellow Onions that is an extremely potent bioactive agent. I discovered to chop up the strong onion into filtered water then low power microwave for a bit over 3 minutes, which matures the yellow onion's active biological power. COOL THE LIQUID FIRST then add to the tonic with Cranberry Juice Concentrate. Yellow Onion juice destroys unwanted PARASITES in the bloodstream. Coconut Oil kills off many germs, bacterial and microscopic organisms and so on. Cranberry Juice also. But the Cranberry Juice I found out later is the best source of Resveratrol in the world which, when taken with a little beer or wine is a heart muscle restorer bar none. 1 Beer (not necessary for children) + Oxy-Nectar powders + juice of the cranberry = unleashed Wow.

One final ingredient a product named Arginine Power Super Stack supplies to the cells a decent energy boost. I believe this formula + the cancer-killing tricks you might never need a doctor. Yes, a human being could reclaim the "lost health" our great grandparents once possessed. This planet has a reduced oxygen count, plus we are fed handfuls of meds that starve the brain and Immune System of its O2 rocket fuel. Blow up a pretend balloon then and press extra O2 into your tongue and cheeks! Yes it's just that easy. Exhaled air contains much oxygen. No one told you? I reckon they also didn't tell you eat less and those "killer disease organisms" the bacteria, virii and parasites become a wonderful food source.

Why does the health formula do more than any other product now sold? In a word: Synergy. I was blessed to locate and cross-combine the ingredients to make a combination that magnifies your body more than the sum of its parts. Blessed? More than my own effort was required. Point of fact is that in the summer of 2009 I had decided to quit my 5 year quest for the everything tonic. I gave up, stopped and threw in the proverbial towel. Over the following several months I stumbled into the missing ingredients as they splashed out at me from the computer monitor and browser search engine, the answers literally thrown into my face by God's holy spirit wanting me to find them. That is the truth, I stand by it and I will NOT take credit for what God caused to happen. Jehovah wanted you to have His Blessing of Health so that you can have the extra health ~and the cell energy required~ to take up his Holy Bible promises before Armageddon. The game ball is yours, handed you from a Kingdom Hall runner of 1970, Older, and Wiser = Medical Synergy.


1984, all sewed up

with needle and thread


No pulled punches

viewscope into


His kingdom will replace all present kingdoms (government) and no end to his princely & priestly rule: Christ Jesus plus co-rulers from earth the 144,000, and lots and lots of wonderful angel people who care about us. Click picture for ''Fireball from Jesus'' 5-page gif animation.

Smart People wanting the Real Gold
pouring out their showerheads reads on to the end

Confucious? Socrates? Plato?
No, where we're going we don't need their roads.
Let's start running a little faster now.
Breathe in Clean Air, JW
Important Link:

God v. Man Equation => is that even Legal? Yep. Power of Jehovah's holy spirit came into me one day =>June 11 2011, a Sabbath-Saturday actually, when this holy understanding of Creation+God+Jehovah picture shone brightly as the sun link bottom of www.newpath4.com was the result of spirit+holy+insight: Energy with Mind (''God'') is far more logical to exist than Matter with Mind (Man, Homo Sapiens Erectus evolutionist-brain+diots who destroy their own Kind+Babies and Planet Earth).

click on above picture pleez!

Finding Peace:

In the 2003 movie Bulletproof Monk the Tibetan monk was carrying much knowledge for improving mankind. He was one of numerous such men who would pass the knowledge onto the next monk, and he to the next, and so on went the storyline. While I am not a monk I have been greatly blessed to provide many Energy and Health solutions, as you have found out on this webpage above, plus the many links. And yet my system for harnessing the Energy of Lightning (1989) has failed to be built, a simple system actually using a very large parallel capacitive circuit plus banks of smaller capacitors. We could have been running the entire planet on lightning energy ages ago.

Your time is valuable so I will make this as complete yet short as possible I can as to why we are not enjoying this wealth of new energies. Read a book once called "Follow the River" about a woman in Meadows of Dan Virginia who was attacked by Native Americans, taken hostage as a slave + her two daughters up into Ohio. It was the story of how she got back home, climbing bleeding barefoot along the riverbanks thru Charleston West Virginia across very sharp shale rock. My Mom was from WV, and part-Hopi, so as you may already know the Hopi were expecting one man to come along one day and show the way back to the correct timeline for treating the land properly.

Zero pollution car engines anyone? I only have 3. I am also quite Caucasian White too, and a big person, big like a Buffalo, so when I heard the Hopi were on the lookout for a big White Buffalo I rather imagined they were looking for me. haha Nostradamus is a man I have never studied, but a lost manuscript he wrote, and his son had cleverly hidden in the wrong section of a library, was discovered maybe 10 years ago, and in it he presented the idea of one "single white male" showing up to fix things. Hmm. I have known a way since May 2011 how to convert every combustion engine on earth to using electrically-heated water ~ a steam engine that does not burn coal or wood. All our vehicles could be converted over in about one year's time using Manhattan Project speed, completely stop using crude oil-powered engines. Since my engines do not get hot, simple plain sunflower oil can lubricate them without breaking down. Temperature-balanced engines are also not hindered by the "three laws of thermodynamics" since they do not get hot (viewed impossible by scientists and engineers but quite possible).

Just within the past several months I came to realize a fantastic Solar Power device based on solar cookers. I have not released it to anyone but I will on this page, now, for the first time => a solar cooker-style sun-powered cookpot would be aimed toward the Sun and a stream of water would be hosed up from the bottom tubing through the concentrated central beam where the intense radiation would vaporize the streaming water into instant steam. In a glass-enclosed yard house the steam would drive a blower fan-style generator and your home would be off the power company electric meter forever. Okay, so the world should have gobs of electricity for everyone, plus no more pulling up to gasoline pumps in cold icy blowing winter wind weather already!

But it has not happened. Why?

When Jesus was on earth he went about choosing "apostles" and gave them a new status with his Father the Creator, Jehovah God (Psalm 83 verse 18). Of course this is not God's "real name" but more of a placeholder name til we find out later, but the reason we use it is so we can fulfill the prophecy of serving Him "shoulder to shoulder" not having any disagreements, so we settled on "Jehovah" for the time being just like we settle on using "Jesus" when in fact his name was probably Yeshua. In the near future we will be receiving his new (and correct) name he was given after rejoining his Father in heaven.

Satan was created after Jesus, so when Jesus was on earth as a man Satan watched how he started out with apostles. When war broke out in heaven (Revelation Ch. 12) Satan + the demon angels following him were hurled to earth. Once here, Satan decided to adopt Jesus' "business model" so-to-speak also choosing apostles to run this planet into the ground... apparently using them as a group Anti-Christ. But how did he get people to work so hard for him? What did Satan promise them in return?

Satan is used to freedom and despises being shut down on one planet so we can easily project that he promised his disciples Space Travel (so they would be slaving away building him escape craft using taxpayer dollars who would never see the inside of a spaceship), + the pinata also a Hope to Live Forever just as Jesus had promised his apostles (heavenly life)... the one difference being that Jesus also promised the "Meek" would live forever on earth and not go to heaven as stated at Matthew 5 v 5. Only the ones who were directly-chosen go to heaven to make up the New Jerusalem Temple of God.

The Meek will fulfill the purpose Adam and Eve failed at.

Nikolai Tesla before the 1940's had made a system for getting Energy from the air which was probably "Earth Energy" that travels between this planet and the clouds, as the Lightning Cycle is an energy transfer! Well, in 1987 a man named Floyd Sweet made a radio receiver much different from radios we use. Do you recall the movie "Contact"? Remember the static coming into their receivers from all over the Universe? Well, Mr. Sweet made a capacitive system that drew all that sun-generated static like a "honey pot" drawing it to his receiver (special radio) before it could enter the earth to be grounded, as all such energy was made to crave. This awesome "Cosmic Energy" discovery of 1987 should be powering every planet and every Moon, and driving great spacecraft already.

Why have all these great energy sources been hoarded away from you?

If you feed the Workers too well they stop working.

I have somewhat strayed from the topic of finding Peace but if we had all these terrific energy sources with none of them causing any pollution, no oil spills, no cleaning up of tanker spills and so on, this would indeed be a much-improved Planet Earth. In fact since Jehovah began blessing me all these insights yes, they have given me much Peace. And yet having an abundance is not the "end all be all" one might think. The best answers are the ones that fill a person on the inside not keeps his electronic toys & systems powered.

How to Know Jesus was God's son!

Jesus did something unique that to my knowledge no other man in the history of the world has done. It's recorded in the book of John Ch. 9. Many times when Jesus healed people he just said Go and be healed or, your faith has healed you and so on. But the account in Jn 9 has Jesus spitting in the dirt [which in itself is a tremendously appropriate symbolic thought since humans are made from that dirt], then he made a mud "poultice" putting it on the blind man's eyes and Jesus' Adam-perfect Stem Cells were 100% compatible with the blind man's blood! Early this year 2011 it was given me to know, not by years of theological training nor by mentally sweating over it but by the blessing of holy spirit that what Jesus had really done was PROVED HE WAS GOD'S SON "in-the-flesh" that no other man could ever lay claim to being. All other would-be christs and gods are now proven to be impostors.

Knowledge of that magnitude from God's Word is far better than Energy

Many of you reading this information for the first time ever have been lifetime churchgoers so you might wonder why you had to find these Need-to-Know answers here? It is simple really, as simple as all my engines => at some point in time your church lost favor with Jehovah God and Jesus Christ his son. So you learned it from one of Jehovah's Witnesses because the "cup" that was taken from your church was given to us and we ran with it. Your church sat on it. Your church was cut off from the pipeline.

When you see your

expensive church boat has a hole in it

it's time you jump ship to a better solid plank boat.

The Anti-Christ and Satan are to be done away with soon. If you are not joined up with us so will you. Jehovah has provided me to help you understand these many things. You went to church faithfully, supported your church, gave them your money every week, and everything you wanted to know you have been given freely by a JW. My friend, something is terribly wrong with that equation. You need to ask if your pastor did not know then what else have you not been told? Indeed, if "Reverend" So & So did know pray tell why didn't he tell you?

We don't tell our people stuff in the Bible is a "Mystery" either.

Find a Kingdom Hall soon. This boat is about to sail.

How do we know? Come find out!


Christ Jesus was NOT crucified on a ''Cross'' it was a simple tree, a pole, and all the churches teaching the Cross, and their preachers, are False, and have been False for centuries, which is why we have this World of ours today in Shambles. When ''FALSE RELIGION CHRISTENDOM'' is all gone from Planet Earth we will have Paradise once again, the Garden => EDEN, provided us by the Kingdom of God. => http://www.newpath4.com/jesus_stauros_not_cross_lie_idol_worshippers_become_like_them_2292012.gif

Cross = Wrong

Ornamental Murder Weapon (Cross) = Christendom Trash

Wearing a Cross = Wrong = no basis in Bible:

You still have time to escape.


link to: newpath4.com/worldcouncilofchurchesusingthecrossofjesusallfalse_march012012jesusashamed.htm Latin Crux Wrong Pope Baptists Wrong Christendom ''mainstream churches'' Always Was WRONG using a Cross of Jesus is Wrong Want God to Bless You Get Away from them Now:2012 Run.from.ReligiousLies:Liars&FalseTeachings

Calling Baptist Preachers & Ministers:

Dr. Michael Youssef
Dr. Franklin Graham
Dr. Jimmy Swaggart
Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. Pat Robertson
Mike Huckabee: confused Baptist

Crops do not harvest themselves "Mr. Mick".

Sirs: My apologies for lumping you all together under the"Baptist banner" as your ministries extends to non-Baptists, but this is the Internet so some blurring occurs that is rather unavoidable and quite often regrettable. I was raised as a Baptist (Enon Baptist Church of Hollins Virginia), and after 3 rough brushes with death, by age 5 I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, during Sunday school one day actually; so I arrived here "by way of" the Bible teachings you all embrace. We did many things at our church => Bible school parades through the neighborhood! Nativity scenes! Hanging many strings of Christmas lights and gathering Easter eggs! Even Arts & Crafts too. But after hearing Billy Graham in the mid-to-late 1960s (even being in a highschool club where we watched his videotapes at various stadiums around the world), they turned me over to the Vietnam Committee.

In highschool I began learning the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses having many extensive in-depth Bible discussions with a fellow student named Dennis Yeatts. More recently I ended a 4-year marathon discussion with an ex-Catholic priest in Florida so I learned plenty from him too... therefore I am fully grounded in your beliefs. While Witnesses are not "ecumenical" as most denominations this morning I felt a powerful compulsion to reach out to you all in the spirit of Paul's letter to the Ephesians Ch. 4 v 12 [where he stated] sometimes even the holy ones (saints) need readjustment. None of us are above that need:

You ministers of God's Word seem to have missed something important that all Christians are supposed to do not just you their leaders => minister the word to others. We JW's go door to door taking our faith and hope to those who are not churchgoers. We do that because Jesus did it, and he led all his apostles also to do it as Paul stated at Acts 20 v 20 => "how I did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable, and teaching you publicly and from house to house".

Billy Graham failed to get people following that pattern set by both Christ Jesus and his apostles. Jerry Falwell likewise failed to get believers out of church pews and on the street doing this preaching work assigned us all. Jimmy Swaggart himself one of your greatest teachers and very gifted also dropped the ball. Oral Roberts may as well have been Elmer Gantry because unless a minister moves his people to use their feet to take it to the people you all have fallen short. Needless to say the world champion over "pew warmers" is the Catholic Pope Benedict.

We are obviously in the last spin around the track Jesus referred to as "the Last Days" otherwise known as "the End Times" and it would seem to me you powerful men of faith would not want Jesus arriving here with his legions of angels and find you not putting his denarius to work... especially since you were given it first, a long time before Pastor Charles Russell or Brothers Rutherford and Nathan H. Knorr of the Watchtower Society ever opened a Bible. You had the inspired Word before Seventh-Day Adventists, before Mormons' Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, before any L. Ron Hubbard's "Church of Scientology".

Jesus will be here soon. Do what you think is right but if you really do believe what you say you believe then your people should be going "from house to house" far outnumbering Jehovah's Witnesses. I know you have Bible tracts explaining the results of never repenting, explaining Jesus' sacrifice, and explaining the Trinity doctrine. If you truly hold your Faith dear your parishioners should be out here walking, not just sitting. When Jesus arrives you will be called to account for hitting the pavement and doing his preaching or reap what you failed to sow by swinging on the porch swing or walking out the lane to get the mail.

When the Apostle Paul taught disciples they could not gain Jesus' favor "by works of Law" he was not telling them to sit on their can. "Works" are not a dirty word they are what a Christian does out of the abundance of his & her heart. I am not using this space and my time to shame you, though if I thought it was called for I would. Notice how Paul stated very eloquently here: 1 Corinthians 4 v 14 => "I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.".

Pick up your feet pleez.
Crops do not harvest themselves.

Sheep that do not grow wool make great mutton chops.

666 click-it above for Up-to-Date Satan Exposed [special video]

Video presentation plus Great Music! Revelation 21 verses 1 thru 5 for your edification and upbuilding encouragement from Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jesus is on the way. Jesus is on the way. Jesus is on the way?

How I know? On 9/18/2011 => given a New Math for the 666:

"666" really means 1 short of 7 three times = 6 +6 +6,

7 being heavenly perfection, 6 being imperfection,

times 3 for Satan. You would know that

if you accepted JW literature!

(CD's, tapes, online)

1. Knowledge 2. received from Heaven 3. a New Math to recalculate the 666 to prove Revelation Prophecy is real 4. the Apostle John was God's Prophet listen to him 5. Christianity really did replace Judaism of the Jews passed over to JW's now.

Jehovah's Witnesses: blessed w/information no one else receives.

Jesus, on the way? Yep. Better hurry.


What? Where?

How many told you that?

Has anyone told you not to visit this webpage? Did they have the right to order you what web pages to visit or are they just older than you, using their age as leverage to assume the position of your spiritual advisor? What if you had lived in Noah's day or over in good ol' Sodom and Gomorrah? How about Jericho, & you were watching priests carrying trumpets around blowing them day after day? Maybe it is time to read anyway.

Everyone likes to have a trusted family friend who helps ya through tough decisions! That being said, and with no disrespect to them since I do not know them, the fact is it's your bacon about to be burned and your hide should be worth more to you than theirs and what they may think about you if you buck their instructions... if you determine their instructions are less educated and less informed than you grew up thinking it was.

A wise man questions authority that places arbitrary parameters around them demanding you stay inside their fence. And women. There's ONE SACRED SECRET you should be aware of before you decide to keep avoiding our Kingdom Halls. We know something your people are not telling you because the generational brainwashing done to them is now sinking its tentacles into your neck too. When Jesus was water baptized the Bible record states after he came out of the water holy spirit came upon him as a dove, right?

Okay now think. God wants you to know this. How many actions just took place, one or two? Be honest now it was Two Actions => the "dove" was a second action. It is true they happened close together but they were still two distinct and different actions. Have you been baptized? Did you see a dove? No. Well, there is a reason why no dove came down upon you. You made the decision to get baptized, and you did, but regarding this second 'baptism-by-holy-spirit' to the "heavenly calling" it is sent to choose a select few to be kings in His heaven-based kingdom; many are women.

You did not get the holy spirit second baptism experience because you were not chosen, not of this kingly class. Most people who choose to be water baptized are of the group of "Meek who inherit the earth" so their promise of living forever is to fulfill the future Adam & Eve were supposed to have done. God made us to live on this planet in this physical realm. He made the gravity to give us all the electricity we could ever want, plus many other sources of energy. When Adam & Eve were put out of the garden the Physics Laws the natural energy sources stayed in place, they just didn't know how to use them. Friend, we have been living in Paradise all our lives. Our vehicles can run off of compressed air + steam or just off moisture in the air too without any pollution whatsoever.

The ones who do not want you speaking to Jehovah's Witnesses want to keep your ears shut to the Bible Truths we know. But when they in their ignorance of what the Bible really teaches end up holding the short end of the broken hockey stick you are going to go down with them for letting them order you about.

These well-meaning persons are usually close family, and they mean you the best future possible, but Bible facts are Bible facts. Your ministers are handing you a cotton candy religion where everyone goes to Heaven, everyone passes Go into the Candyland Mansion, everyone gets 2 quadrillion dollars, and the way they do that is by telling you the wording in the Book of Revelation isn't right when it says 144,000 standing on Mount Zion they say no, that number just means a large group.

And you meekly turned and walked away putting YOUR LIFE WITH GOD in their hands. This was a poor choice. A choice you need to change soon, because a second group also mentioned in Revelation (Ch. 7) is not of that 144,000 and the Sheep Class has no set number, so the Apostle John wasn't some drunk who wasn't able to know one from the other. The group that survives Armageddon has no set number while the 144,000 does, and that is Bible Truth. This is in place by Divine Decree.

If you are serious about your relationship with this wonderful Almighty Creator then you must develop a taste for definition and quit being so sloppy in your beliefs, and you must stop letting others tell you falsehoods & accepting them as Gospel truth. Yes, I know Jesus was also called Mighty God and yes, it was capitalized, but it also states he was to be Prince of Peace, and that's the key! They were capitalized because for Jesus they are Titles => Titles are always capitalized.

A properly-capitalized Title doesn't make Jesus his Father (God). I do not envy those caught in such a spiderweb of misinformation. You would find it refreshing and beneficial to get with the JW's and get straight what the Bible really teaches. Those ones who have told you not to talk to us, why would they do that if you were the one who possessed Bible Truths not us? If you had the truth you would have nothing to fear from discussing your Bible faith with anyone. Is your present church denomination filled with Bible Truth or this past October 31 was it filled with Halloween costumes ghosts, goblins and demonic-looking pumpkins hmm? We do not allow such satanic-inspired trash in our buildings. We have answers not '''Mysteries''', answers provided us by holy spirit and more coming.

Jesus is on the way is not a slogan it is real-time Bible Prophecy, something your church "scholars", ministers, priests and rabbis have shoved to a back burner because they have been preaching mistaken theologies, for decades even centuries.They simply do not know what is coming down the pike. In kindness you can help your relatives also to learn. Whatever is your choice that has to be but if "your choice" is something someone leveraged into you and funneled into your ears you need to pick up your feet.

Most of us once went to your churches! We got tired of being empty.

Now we "worship what we know": John 4 v 23 & 24

We care that you're empty!

This is true.

Spring, March 20, let the Son shine in: the Rich Man and Lazarus.

What God gave you <> What Men keep from you

This Air & Water Planet = Free Fuel


......Cylinders all fire together = 1200 horsepower